Jeffrey Paul Bobrick Performs Live at
Michael Jackson Memorial in Harlem

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About JPB

"Sounds like Billy Joel meets Josh Groban"

Billboard Award Winning Singer and Songwriter Jeffrey Paul Bobrick writes, records and performs. In addition to his music, JPB has performed as an actor in New York (Off Broadway) and throughout the US (National Tour, Babes In Toyland). His EP, "When You Are Free," was released in 2007. His Michael Jackson tribute song "Michael (The One and Only)" was released in 2009, and performed live in 2010 at the Memorial for Michael in Harlem. His web series, "American Idol Response," was viewed over 100,000 in 2010. In 2011, he won the Nokia Phone's "Best Singer" contest and appeared in their "Don't Fence Me In" ad campaign. Jeffrey has also released two holiday songs, "Winter Wonderland" and an original, "It's Chanukah!" He is currently co-writing a musical, "Candy Pants," and working on new material.