House Concert with Jeffrey Paul Bobrick

Billboard Award Winning singer/songwriter/pianist Jeffrey Paul Bobrick has been playing House Concerts for years, and can perform at both established house concert venues and at one-off parties and events. JPB promises a magical, unforgettable evening and will support you in making sure this happens.

A house concert is exactly what the name implies: it's a concert in somebody's house, usually in the living room. It can also be outside and Jeffrey has a sound system for outdoor events.

This is an excellent opportunity to get to see acoustic music in an intimate, informal setting (if you have a tuned piano, that is preferred, but Jeffrey can bring a keyboard if need be).

What does a house concert with Jeffrey Paul Bobrick really need? It boils down to this:

     • A place to play
     • Jeffrey Paul Bobrick to play there
     • People to come listen

That’s really it. JPB and his team can guide you through the rest.

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JPB Live at a House Concert