Crazy Little Thing Called Love - American Idol Response

I'm having so much fun doing these songs every week. I'm especially grateful for the positive feedback I've been getting on youtube. Thanks to everyone who is commenting there. It's awesome and humbling to get comments like this:
"Best. Version. Ever. Thank you SO much."

This week I'm singing the classic Queen hit "Crazy Little Thing Called Love." It's actualy the first true up-tempo song I've done for American Idol Response. I've been a Queen fan for years so I already knew the song very well before singing it. This week and last week I recorded these with Rick Warren, the producer I worked with for my MJ Tribute song, "Michael (The One And Only)." Rick and I really enjoy each other and you see me talking to him right before the song starts.

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  • Christopher DiSalvatore

    Christopher DiSalvatore

    Great version! Miss you friend. Saludos desde Chile.

    Great version! Miss you friend. Saludos desde Chile.

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