Hallelujah Lee DeWyze on Idol (Leonard Cohen Jeff Buckley cover)

I've already done "Hallelujah" in American Idol Response but I love the song so much I just couldn't pass it up. I do love "Come To My Window" and "Maybe I'm Amazed," but this speaks to me.

I decided to do more verses this time as well. I should say, about the verses, Leonard Cohen wrote 7 I believe, and I did not want to do all of them with just voice and a guitar (Cohen does four in the original version and six in his recent live version). All the lyrics sung here are, to my knowledge, correct Cohen lyrics (including his recent substitution of pilgrim for somebody -- actually, his substitution is pilgrim who claims to have...).

Watching American Idol tonight, I was impressed with Lee DeWyze's version. I would have loved to have that kind of powerhouse instrumentation, even though it may have been a little much. But my man Rick Warren did a great job on acoustic guitar as usual and I feel like this version is very complete for just voice and guitar.

That said, my favorite version of this sung is still Jeff Buckley's. It is such a fine moment by a talent taken from us too soon. K.D. Lang's version is extraordinary too. I hope you like my Hallelujah. It is one of the greatest songs ever written in my opinion.

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