Jeffrey joins "PERFORMANCE FOR AWARENESS: CHILDREN IN CRISIS" in NYC on Saturday, July 14, 2012

On Saturday, July 14, 2012 from 10am to 4pm, a group of energetic and eclectic performers will convene at the Holley Plaza section of Washington Square Park (located near W 4th St. and Thompson) in New York City.

Poets, singer-songwriters and dancers will convene and showcase their talent as they help raise money for the fundraiser entitled: PERFORMANCE FOR AWARENESS: CHILDREN IN CRISIS. This show is designed to raise both money and awareness regarding the plight of children in Africa whose lives are torn apart by war, poverty and disease.

Surrounding the stage will be tables collecting donations for three different organizations: UNICEF, INVISIBLE CIHLDREN and GROUNDWATER GO. Each table will also have volunteers with flyers distributing information about both the situation overseas and the organizations that are advocating for their cause. Items (such as CDs, books, etc.) will also be offered in exchange for donations.

The website for this event is located at:

The schedule is as follows:
10:30AM Helene Fitzpatrick (performance art)
11:00AM Madly Loved (poetry)
11:30AM Molly Phelps (modern dance)
12:00PM Andrew Saliba (acoustic)
12:30PM Kelsie.Janel (neo soul)
1:00PM Jeffrey Paul Bobrick (acoustic / indie / pop)
1:30PM Inky Glass (blues / folk / poetry)
2:00PM dawn zahra (poetry / indie)
2:30PM LE Sphinx X (electro)
3:00PM Luciar (indie / acoustic)

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