Jeffrey Paul Bobrick Wins Cyber Pr Holiday Songwriting Contest!!!

I'm excited to let all of you know that I just WON the Cyber Holiday Song Contest. The contest asked songwriters to take a holiday song and wrote original lyrics to it about Ariel Publicity, Cyber Pr and online marketing. If you don't know, Cyber Pr is one of the top online marketing companies for singers and songwriters. I'm very happy and honored to be the WINNER!

My song has been distributed to all their friends and colleagues as their HOLIDAY VIDEO CARD, on their @cyberpr and @podsafe twitter accounts and included in their Holiday Songs Pre-Cleared newsletter that goes out to 16,000+ social media makers. Plus, I've won a 2 month Cyber Pr campaign from the company! Yay!

These are the lyrics (to the tune guessed it..."Winter Wonderland")

Tweeting in a Cyber Pr Land
Lyrics by Jeffrey Paul Bobrick

On the net, are you tweeting
'Cause your pitch bears repeating
People will look
At your Facebook
While Tweeting in a Cyber Pr Land.

Will your friend count get much higher
'Till myspace is retired
We're having some fun in Reverb Nation
And Tweeting in a Cyber Pr Land.

Go online to update your press kit
Making sure your music is podsafe
Email your 1,000 true fans with wit
So they'll enjoy the music that we make

Then we'll share Derek Sivers
His blog always delivers
We'll blog and retweet Music Success In Nine Weeks
Tweeting in a Cyber Pr Land.

There are more in-jokes there than you can shake a stick at! Last week I went to Cyber Pr headquarters in Brooklyn, NY for a wonderful holiday meal made by Ariel Hyatt. While there, we shot a fun little video to the song.

I hope you enjoy the song and the video and wish you a Happy Holiday walking in a Winter Wonderland and a Cyber Pr one too if you want!
Love, JPB

Links: Ariel Publicty / Cyber Pr and (his blog always delivers!)

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