Sweet Love - American Idol Response

R&B Week on American Idol. I love R&B music but I'm not really an R&B singer. I can't help thinking of something the legendary Little Richard once said: "R&B means 'Real Black" (just so you know, the term "R&B" actually stands for "Rhythm and Blues" and was coined by the Jewish writer and A&R man Jerry Wexler, but Richard is speaking about meaning, not acronym).

So how will I do this week? What will they sing that I can choose from?

Turns out there are a few songs I like for me. I think about the classics "Ain't No Sunshine" (sung by Aaron Kelly) and "What Becomes of The Broken Hearted (sung by Didi Benami) as well as "Ready For Love" (sung by Michael Lynch). But I settle for "Sweet Love," originally recorded by Anita Baker (and sung on Idol by Tim Urban). I decide to play piano for the first time in American Idol Response. It's a cool, subtle song with a great turnaround from the chorus into the verse and I was happy with how it came out. How do you like it?

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