The Boxer - American Idol Response

This was Inspirational Songs week on American Idol. If I could choose any song, I’d probably choose something like “I Believe” and perhaps be called old fashioned by Simon. But I have seven songs to choose from and none of them are “I Believe.” The one I choose is “The Boxer,” sung originally by Simon and Garfunkel. Like Lee DeWyze, who sang the song on American Idol Tuesday night, I heard this song growing up, probably because my parents liked it and listen to it. Lee said “The Boxer” inspired him to pick up a guitar. While I still am not inspired to pick up a guitar, it may have been a song that inspired me to start writing music. I always found this melody haunting and Paul Simon and I both have the New York Jewish kid thing going for us. I’m not sure that it is inspirational in any other way though. It’s a sad song to me, depressing even. I’m not sure why this is considered for Inspirational Songs week but I’m glad it was. “The Boxer” is beautiful and harrowing and it is a privilege for me to sing it.

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