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"Tweetin' Donald" Music Video Update 

The "Tweetin' Donald" music video short is 95% complete, and it looks fantastic.

The track is blistering, with amazing guitar work, and I'm really happy with the vocals as well. Our puppeteers did the most fantastic job, and the song and video really sparkle! The director, Ben Bogard, and I are working on the final cut and release date! More updates very soon! It is not too late to contribute and help produce this project. If you would like to be a backer, or have a question about this, please reply to this email me and say "I want to help make 'Tweetin' Donald' a reality!" I promise you... THE BEST IS YET TO COME!

This with Love! JPB

"Tweetin' Donald" - Making Music Videos Great Again 

I'm very excited to share with you my newest project: "Tweetin' Donald" It’s a parody of the song "Rockin' Robin" that takes a comedic yet poignant look at our time so far with 45...with puppets! 

The puppets are currently in production, the song is sounding great, the shoot is scheduled, and we have a fantastic creative team.

Please click here to see our indiegogo fan funding campaign! SUPPORT AND SHARE! Thank you.


Jeffrey Enters the NPR Tiny Desk Contest 

NPR's Tiny Desk features intimate performances, recorded at the desk of "All Songs Considered" host Bob Boilen. This contest, for performing songwriters, asks the songwriter to perform in front of a desk. This is Jeffrey's video: "The Guy You Pass By," recorded at a desk in a hotel room. We hope you love it. Feel free to like it, and share it.

To support the song/video, here's what to do: 

1. Share the video on Facebook by clicking here (and then posting on facebook): 
2. Subscribe to the youtube page by clicking here: 

Thank you for your support!

Autumn Update 

Dear Fans!

I appreciate all your support of my music and work, whether it's sharing my Chanukah video, LIKEing my Facebook page, or commenting on one of my youtube videos.

Right now, I continue to work on co-writing a new musical. It's fun, funny, edgy, a bit corny, and I hope you'll love it!

I'm also working on a marriage equality anthem and music video, to be released in 2016!

You'll definitely be hearing more from me in the future. "You ain't seen nothing yet!"


"Sacred" - YouTube - Live Performance 

I have fans all over the world, but I haven't performed all over the world...yet! One of the things that is amazing about the internet is that we can reach people so far away. With Valentine's Day approaching here in the US, I wanted to share with my fans a live performance from Los Angeles of my song "Sacred." It's a stripped down version, just a keyboard, a voice and a guitar. I hope you really like it, and treasure your loved ones, this Valentine's Day, and always!

"I will never let anyone hurt you
I will forever care
Because you are everything I’ve ever wanted
And you’re sacred to me."

SHARE "It's Chanukah!" 

It's that time of year agan! "It's Chanukah!"
Enjoy the magic, fun and whimsy of one of JPB's most beloved songs!

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You can also buy it on iTunes or in our store!

Happy Holidays!

Backstage at Chutzpah! The Musical 

This informal picture was taken backstagefter a performance of Chutzpah! The Musical. Pictured are (left to right): writer Rainbow Geffner, actor Brittany Brook, director Deborah Geffner, actor Troy Valjean Rucker and composer Jeffrey Paul Bobrick.

Chutzpah! The Musical (Staged Reading) 

Chutzpah! The Musical (Staged Reading)
Center for Social Innovation, 601 West 26th Street - 11th floor, New York, NY

Jeffrey is honored to have some of his music featured in Chutzpah! The Musical.

Chutzpah! is an irreverent musical comedy about a Jewish girl from Long Island who runs away from home and gets a job at a Manhattan deli. No sooner does she learn the difference between a kishka and a tuches that she discovers the deli is a front for a burlesque club run by Orthodox Jews! Will she make it as a burlesque dancer? Will she make it with the club’s DJ? Will she reconcile with her family? Or will her idea to use her father’s new polysaccharide as a tool for sexual liberation be the answer to a repressed society’s dysfunctionality? A smart and funny look at modern Jewish values and the sexual hypocrisies behind the traditions.  

Come to this benefit reading to raise funds for Camp del Corazon, a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that provides year-round experiential opportunities for children faced with the challenges of growing up and living with heart disease.

Young Professional, 1 ticket to Chutzpah!: $35
Group Heart Friend Package, Includes 4 tickets for Young Professionals: $120
Fun Heart, includes a drink at the reception after the show: $50
Generous Heart, includes open bar: $125
Golden Heart Donor, Includes performance, open bar and immense gratitude: $500
Sponsor a Heart, Sponsor a camper for a week of camp: $1500

JPB Live at Grand Opening of Squirrel & the Bee 

Squirrel & The Bee, 515
Millburn Ave, Short Hills, NJ

Jeffrey Paul Bobrick is excited to be the featured performer at the Grand Opening of Squirrel & the Bee, a vegan bakery. He will be playing some originals, some covers, and will take requests!